iSmart Hive

iSmart Hive is an IoT based sustainable farming tool, that helps to foster rapid bees colonization, towards active pollination of crops. It also collates the following data from the immediate environment for better bees, soil and crop management: air quality, rainfall/humidity, temperature/sun intensity, soil moisture variations, honey production rate/volume, and GPS tracking/farm mapping.

This is a grow system pioneered by Soilless farm labs that uses a soilless medium to grow plants. As an urban farm, Soilless Farm Labs is on a mission to introduce urban farming by providing cost effective and locally developed smart grow systems to farm enthusiasts.

This is a clinical support software that uses Artificial Intelligence to validate decisions made by Radiologist and clinicians. This solution speeds up diagnosis, improves access to radiology services and significantly reduces radiologist errors.

Thinkbikes Limited is providing last mile transportation. The Thinkbike is an electric road and cargo bike, with a business model of locally making them available for ride, sharing & leasing to individuals and businesses in urban and rural communities. It is used for affordable, clean mobility of goods using a mobile app for its operation.

This utilizes electronic waste in the development of solar lanterns and other solar energy devices. With the help of i-FAIR, Dozie developed this cost effective product using innovative 3D technology.

Farmisphere is a digital marketplace that utilizes mobile cooling box attachable to delivery bikes for transportation of seafoods and farm fresh foods from the seafood harvesters and smallholder farmers down to the doorstep of urban households. In i-FAIR, Farmisphere developed a smart cooling box.

Soil-Telligence is an IoT based soil nutrient monitoring system for farmers. This helps to reduce the problems involved in the life cycle of a crop from the point of germination to the point of harvest.

Eco Circular Solutions Provider is a social enterprise, that uses recyclable waste to manufacture affordable & eco-friendly ceiling tiles. This innovation reduces high cost of building materials and supports delivery of affordable housing, thereby, attending to SDGs 6, 13, 14 & 15 to solve SDGs 1 & 2, 9 & 11.

Electricity Dispenser (EDIS) is an IoT powered smart electricity metering solution that promotes transparency in energy-based transactions between suppliers and electricity customers. It affords electricity customers a portion of control while maintaining quality service delivery and assurance of revenue to the energy supplier. EDIS is designed for both On-Grid and Off-Grid electricity suppliers.

The Chest meter is a non-invasive medical device developed with the objective of accurate measurement of the length and symmetry of the chest during respiration. This makes the detection and follow up of patient recovery from various chest disease complications more convenient and reliable, while saving the health worker significant valuable time.

This is a detachable device that converts a manual wheelchair to electronic powered, at about a quarter of the current cost of the average electric wheelchair.

The Gas Powered Egg Incubator is an affordable and a cost-effective machine that monitors and regulates the temperature and humidity, ensuring the optimum environment to incubate eggs while ensuring cost effectiveness by reducing dependence on electricity.

A post-surgical walking aid, made from suitable fibre materials, that is cost effective, easy to use and maintain.

Lumos Laboratory is an indigenous climate-smart technology that converts urine and other wastes into clean renewable energy and organic fertilizer.

This device is able to de-feather four birds in 30 seconds. The Multi-roll type poultry scalding machine is made of positive and negative principles of friction and the formation of rolling feathers removal of chicken. Bird defeathering machine saves time and effort needed to defeather birdsearringsinforming them of the threat and type of threat. It does not use internet connectivity for its operation as image processing is done within the system.

A cutting-edge device using intelligent solar drying technology incorporated with sensors and controllers to dry perishable food crops with a predetermined moisture control level in conformity with international standard drying requirements.

Achi Greens is one of the first Nigerian businesses that process ginger into various products. it is already approved by NAFDAC and has tangible demands. To scale the capacity of the business, Achi has developed with the help of i-FAIR an automated machine for pounding & processing ginger roots.

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