i-FAIR Prototype Development Bootcamp

i-FAIR 3 Continues with Prototype Development Bootcamp


The 3rd Edition of i-FAIR continues with participants rigorously ascending the platform of innovation and venture creation in Nigeria. The Fellowship, initiated by the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria in collaboration with the Nigerian Government Nigeria and facilitated by Innov8 Hub, is on course to make significant impacts on the Nigerian society, economic development and Nation-building.

i-FAIR 3: Mentorship Program for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

At the core of i-FAIR 3 is an impactful mentorship program for Nigerian entrepreneurs and venture creators. Covering different focus areas, including healthcare, food security, edtech, infrastructure, manufacturing etc. The Prototype Development Bootcamp stage of i-FAIR brings the 12 participating Teams together at the Innov8 Hub. These Teams arrived with the intention of advancing their products/prototypes and refining their business/venture models.

Read more on i-FAIR here: https://ifair-israelnigeria.com/#

i-FAIR 3: Prototype Development Bootcamp

On the 9th of October 2023, the first Prototype Development Bootcamp of i-FAIR 3 commenced. The primary focus on prototyping and venture creation. In this crucial phase, each of the 12 Teams is working closely with experts and mentors at the Hub, to refine their products/prototypes. While recognizing the need to bridge the gap between innovation and entrepreneurship, the participants are also embarking. on a journey towards becoming entrepreneurs and venture owners.

i-FAIR 3: Where Innovation Meets Enterprise

Innovation and venture creation are the twin engines that propel national development. Through innovation, we tackle societal challenges, while venture creation paves the way for job opportunities and economic growth. Thus, i-FAIR is designed to have a prominent impact on nation-building, economic development and job creation.

Past editions of this initiative produced entrepreneurs whose products have not only succeeded but have also attracted investment (foreign & local) and accolades across Africa and beyond. The credit for this paradigm-shifting initiative goes to the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria, Innov8 Hub and other partners involved.


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