I-fair 3 prototypes

i-FAIR 3: Welcome to the Future

i-FAIR 3:

i-FAIR 3 innovations: i-FAIR, a program designed to propel Nigerian ventures to the next level, has recently concluded its third successful edition. This year, i-FAIR focused on empowering a select group of 12 dynamic companies, each with  solution for a brighter Nigerian future. Let’s delve into the inspiring journeys of these i-FAIR 3 prototypes and explore how i-FAIR helped them refine their products, solidify their business models, or achieve a powerful combination of both.


Vectar: Clean Energy Champion 

Vectar, a leading renewable energy company, joined i-FAIR with a mission to combat energy poverty. Their focus? EcoWise, a real-time monitoring system designed specifically for installations ranging from 10 to 100 kW. EcoWise empowers users to generate income through carbon credits by providing reliable data on green energy consumption and production.


i-FAIR 3 prototypes

Ufarmy: Cultivating the Future of Urban Farming

Ufarmy, an agritech enterprise, tackles urban food production challenges. Through i-FAIR, they honed their all-in-one automated urban greenhouse kit. This innovative system integrates sustainable mushroom and aquaponics technologies, empowering city dwellers to cultivate healthy produce effortlessly.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

TREKK: Revolutionizing Eco-Friendly Commuting

TREKK, Africa’s leading e-scooter sharing platform, aimed to optimize their operations during i-FAIR. They successfully developed a system utilizing local networks for remote monitoring, tracking, and GPS integration, replacing a previously expensive foreign solution. This shift strengthens their commitment to sustainable and affordable mobility.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes


Solaris GreenTech Hub: Powering Communities

Solaris GreenTech Hub, a green startup focused on rural electrification, entered i-FAIR with a vision to create a versatile solar power station. This innovative system can serve as an independent charging station or integrate with small businesses, offering scalable solutions for multiple users.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

Sirius-X Energy: Advancing Wind and Solar Solutions

Sirius-X Energy, a sustainable energy firm, participated in i-FAIR to introduce a groundbreaking solar wind hybrid system. Their focus was on affordability and local production, utilizing readily available materials and a blade design optimized for Nigerian wind conditions.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

Revive Earth: Electrifying Transportation

Revive Earth, an e-mobility startup, joined i-FAIR to address challenges in scaling their electric vehicle conversion kit production. With i-FAIR’s support, they developed modular battery systems, including battery modules and smart battery racks. This innovation enhances scalability and empowers a smoother transition to electric transportation.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

Nextwear Technologies: Early Detection for Breast Cancer

Nextwear Technologies, a healthcare startup, aimed to refine their smart bra for early breast cancer detection during i-FAIR. Their focus was on identifying suitable sensors to enhance image clarity. i-FAIR’s support has propelled them closer to their goal of providing accessible and affordable breast cancer screening.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

MitiMeth: Sustainable Fashion with a Twist

MitiMeth, a luxury brand renowned for its innovative use of waste materials, participated in i-FAIR to streamline their button production process. Through the program, they explored laser cutter technology, significantly reducing production time and enhancing efficiency. This allows MitiMeth to meet the growing demand for their unique and sustainable accessories.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

IA Precision: Empowering Farmers with Drone Technology

IA Precision, a team of passionate agriculturalists, leveraged i-FAIR to address challenges in their drone-based services. They successfully developed a system for efficient and safe mixing of agrochemicals, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. This innovation not only protects their team but also empowers them to serve more farmers.

iFAIR 3 prototypes

Grocircular Agro Services: Safeguarding Livestock Health

Grocircular Agro Services, an agribusiness startup, entered i-FAIR with a concept for an innovative ear tag device. This device monitors cattle body temperature, enabling early detection of potential illnesses and epidemics. With i-FAIR’s support, Grocircular transitioned from concept to prototype, paving the way for improved livestock health management practices.

i-FAIR 3 prototypes

GOFAT GROUP GLOBAL LTD: Preserving Grain for a Secure Future

GOFAT GROUP GLOBAL LTD is the parent company of Grainsafe, an intelligent grain storage system. Grainsafe deploys IoT technology to combat post-harvest losses, ensuring the safety of stored grains for consumption. Through i-FAIR, Grainsafe was refined and optimized, positioning it to significantly impact grain farmers in Nigeria.

i-FAIR 3 Prototypes: Conclusion

These i-FAIR 3 prototypes are just a few of the incredible teams that participated in i-FAIR 3. With their solutions, these teams are poised to impact various sectors in Nigeria and beyond. Stay tuned for their continued success stories!



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