I FAIR 3 Bootcamp

Unlocking Innovation & Venture Creation: i-FAIR 3 Bootcamp Recap


i-FAIR 3 Bootcamp: In a remarkable partnership among the Embassy of the State of Israel in Nigeria, the Nigerian Government and Innov8 Hub, participants at the 3rd edition of i-FAIR embarked on a transformative journey, heralding a new era of innovation. This inaugural phase of i-FAIR 3 has set the stage for catalyzing innovation like never before.

Initial Bootcamp

During the first Bootcamp of i-FAIR 3, participants immersed themselves completely in essential and strategic courses. These courses equipped them with vital tools needed to elevate their innovative concepts. I-FAIR 3 has a dedicated focus on nurturing the creative potential of inventors and researchers from diverse Hubs across Nigeria. This positions the fellowship to reshape the landscape of idea cultivation. By translating innovative ideas into inventions, i-FAIR aims to foster the emergence of successful ventures.

The Bootcamp marked a momentous occasion as two distinct batches of participants, each representing their respective Hubs, came together. Over the course of an engaging week, participants embarked on a journey of research, development & Market Requirement Documents (MRDs).

i-FAIR 3 Bootcamp



One highlight of the Bootcamp was the enlightening session on Product Development Process led by Itzik Ronen. This session provided invaluable insights into the intricate stages of this pivotal phase. This was complemented by an in-depth exploration of Research, expertly guided by Saron Paz, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.

The spirit of collaboration was palpable as participants engaged in various team activities. Essential team meetings with mentors formed the backbone of this experience, furnishing participants with personalized guidance as they navigated the multifaceted challenges of innovation. Concurrently, other teams delved into advanced MRD under the expert guidance of Innov8’s project managers.

Integral workshops played a pivotal role in enriching participants’ understanding. The Advanced PRD workshop, led by Itzik, empowered participants with the skills needed to translate conceptual ideas into meticulous requirements. Once again, teams united to brainstorm and deliberate under the mentorship of seasoned experts.

The journey continued with an illuminating workshop introducing the intricacies of high-level design. Guided by Innov8’s project managers, teams collectively unraveled the complexities of this pivotal phase. The presence of experts such as Saron, Itzik, and Andrew Aryee added to the dynamic learning environment, enabling participants to glean insights from the best in the field.

Curtain Call

While learning took center stage, the Bootcamp also provided opportunities for participants to capture lasting memories. Monumental images of activities now stand as cherished mementos of this transformative experience, signifying significant strides in personal and professional growth.

The i-FAIR initial Bootcamp signifies merely the inception of an all-encompassing journey dedicated to translating ideas into tangible inventions and flourishing ventures. The unwavering commitment of the Embassy of the State of Israel and Innov8 Hub lies in igniting the flame of innovation, crafting a roadmap that promises to redefine the future of innovation and venture creation in Nigeria.

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