Planet 3R innovator and i-FAIR Fellow, Adejoke Lasisi

i-FAIR Success Story: Adejoke Lasisi

As the world continues to face the consequences of environmental pollution, the importance of finding solutions to address this challenge is urgent. Climate change and threats to human health are amongst the consequences; and in addressing them, innovative solutions are required.

Success Story: Adejoke Lasisi

i-FAIR Fellow Adejoke Lasisi is the CEO of Planet 3R. Her venture is dedicated to transforming textile and plastic waste into eco-friendly products. With a focus on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), she has managed to create valuable items from waste.

Adejoke’s journey toward success was supported by i-FAIR, where she received the resources, facilities and mentorship needed to thrive. The Fellowship helped her to refine her innovation into a successful venture. Through i-FAIR, Adejoke was able to create a sustainable business model that addresses critical climate challenges. Today, Adejoke Lasisi is not just a successful story, but she also focuses on the empowerment of young innovators. Planet 3R trains youths on effective ways to earn income from recycling.

A Laptop bag created by Adejoke Lasisi's Planet 3R

Adejoke Lasisi: a Successful Venture

Adejoke’s venture has been able to create 50 eco-friendly products, including: 10000 recycled cloth & nylon pieces, empowerment of 1000 unemployed youths, 50 creative awareness programs, and training of 4300 students on recycling. Furthermore, Planet 3R has employed 16 innovators, creating jobs in the process. Above all, Planet 3R, the vision remains to create a world without textile and plastic waste.

Adejoke Lasisi’s success story reaffirms the i-FAIR belief that great ideas can be transformed into inventions. Through the 3Rs, Adejoke has been able to contribute her quota in making the environment a cleaner place to live. i-FAIR has played a significant role in helping Adejoke achieve her goals, and her success is an inspiration to other innovators seeking to make a positive impact on society.

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