i-FAIR Success Story: Goodness Tamuno

i-FAIR Success Story: Goodness Tamuno


i-FAIR Success Story- In Nigeria, where the unemployment rate is expected to reach 41% in 2023, the gap between human capital and venture creation poses a significant challenge. Recognizing the need to combine innovation with entrepreneurship, Goodness Tamuno began a mission to create a venture that could address this issue. Leveraging innovation, she focused on recycling and upcycling as a means to turn waste into valuable resources, ultimately leading to the birth of her successful startup.

The i-FAIR Success Story:

Being accepted into i-FAIR was a life-changing experience for Goodness. At i-FAIR, she gained access to mentorship, technical expertise, and investment opportunities necessary to take her innovation to new heights.

During her time at i-FAIR, Goodness Tamuno developed Geco Bricks. Her innovation recycles plastic waste such as PET bottles and nylons to produce eco-friendly bricks and other products. These products can be used for roads, floors and fencing, promoting an environmentally conscious Nigeria.

i-FAIR Success Story: Goodness Tamuno

i-FAIR Success Story: The Road to Venture Creation:

After i-FAIR, Goodness set up G-Shapers Vocational Enterprise, where she assumed the role of CEO. Building upon her i-FAIR experience, she became a mobile skills tutor and champion of gender balance. Traveling across Nigeria, she shared her wealth of knowledge on recycling, upcycling, and vocational training. Her venture has benefited over 500 teachers and students.

Today, Goodness Tamuno stands as an influential figure, spreading the message of recycling and upcycling throughout Nigeria. This has seen her nominated for the European Union Foundation’s Green Skills Award 2022. Her efforts have not only transformed lives but also inspired others to pursue their paths.

The i-FAIR Effect:

Goodness Tamuno’s i-FAIR success story represents the power of belief and drive to succeed through innovation. She recognized potential where others saw waste and transformed it into a venture. Her journey is proof of the progress and impact of the i-FAIR Fellowship and how this program promotes ideas and innovators like Goodness to make a difference in the society.

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